Djiguimde, Ritassida Mamadou

Applied Linguistics, PhD

Aw Danse! Kenkende! Merhbe! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Hi! I am Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde, PhD English: Applied Linguistics. I am an assistant professor in Southern Arkansas University’s department of English and Foreign Languages where I teach linguistic, TESOL, and composition courses. 

This site functions as an extension of my curriculum vitae and includes a detailed overview of my pedagogy, research, and service. The pedagogy tab contains course materials such as course syllabi, calendar, and assignments, and is most useful to students enrolled in my courses. 

Under the scholarship tab is housed information about previous, current, and ongoing research and materials development projects. On this page, you will find information about my thesis, dissertation, as well as past conference presentations. 

Under the blog tab is where I share my thoughts and reflections about phenomena pertaining to the vast field of linguistics. As a Fulbright alumnus, this blog also feeds into my mission to promote understanding across cultures and train citizens of the world. 

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