Paamsongre Courseware Chatbots 


1. Determining a Chatbot Plugin

To adopt an AI Chatbot on Paamsongre Courseware, the first step consisted on reviewing various chatbot applications/plugins to determine the most suitable for our platform. This review led us to select the Tidio Chat Plugin as the plugin of choice. 

On Tidio’s website, it is described as a “powerful all-in-one customer service tool.” 

  • Tidio can be connected to all platforms via dedicated plugins, without coding 
  • The Tidio live chat widget adjusts to users’ screens, so they can communicate on mobile and tablet 
  • The live chat widget is customizable. Its placement and color can be changed to fit the site’s brand. 
  • The positioning of the live chat button in a mobile version of the widget can be adjusted 

2. Installing tidio

Since January 05, 2021, or for four semesters now, the free version Tidio has been installed and is being used on Paamsongre Courseware. 

Tidio’s free version has the following features: 

  • Live Chat – conversations with 50 users
  • Chatbots – conversations with 100 users/month
  • Email Support
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps Availability 
  • 3rd party apps integration 
  • Visitors Info
  • JavaScript API

3. Generating & Collecting Conversation Data 

From January 20, 2021 to October 25, 2022, 182 conversations with different users (students) have taken place on Tidio. 

These conversations represent a rich bank of data to analyze for conversation designing. 

Since the chat history of  each user is saved, it can be studied to determine the patterns of individual conversations as well as the patterns in different users’ overall history of asking questions. 

The analysis of this data will enable categorizing questions by type, determine FAQs, study the tone, lexicon, grammatical patterns, and length of my responses. The end goal of this analysis is to generate as suitable and natural conversation flowcharts as possible for developing a  chatbot with a unique personality. 

4. conversation Designing & Chatbot Programming

Upon singing up for the COMMUNICATOR and the CHATBOT ADD-ON options for Tidio, my work will focus on conversation flowchart design for chatbot programming. Conversation design goes beyond the simple act of writing down text in a conversational format. This task must obey the following principles. 

  • Cooperative Principle: the premise that there is underlying cooperation between the participants. 
  • Turn-taking Principle: allowing users to react before providing them with more information.
  • Greeting and Leave-taking Principle: Begin all conversations with chatbot introducing itself and its function and naturally end the conversation to provide users with closure. 
  • Persona Principle: Design chatbot persona by ascribing to it an identity and personality and developing language patterns reflecting that identity. 

These are some of the considerations in developing the chatbot.  

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