Survey Report Template

ENG 1123 - COMP II
This section provides the reader with context to understand the background of the survey and the reasons for which the research has been conducted. It would typically include 1) the purpose of the survey including tested hypotheses, 2) inclusion/exclusion criteria, 3) the method for selecting the participants, 4) the number and attributes of participants, 5) the method of contacting the participants or distributing the survey, and 6) the data analysis methods.
This is the main body of the report, containing details of the survey results. Consider structuring this section according to the objectives and ensure they are all covered. The information in this section shows the key results of the survey. It does not need to include every possible breakdown of the data. Rather, it should highlight results that are statistically significant and have practical implications.
This section should be based on the previous "results" section. It should discuss in practical terms how your findings shape the way you will approach the ethnographic research and most importantly how you will write about the subculture you are studying. What does it mean if my audience is familiar with most aspects of the subculture? What does it mean if the audience has little familiarity with the subculture? What does it mean if my audience is hostile to, indifferent to, interested in, cautious towards, excited about, judgmental towards, jealous of, respectful of, concerned for, envious of, fearful of, OR untrusting of the subculture?
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