Grant Writing 2.3.3 - PROPOSAL OUTLINE
This Proposal Outline is meant to help you generate ideas for your proposal and also help identify gaps in it. As such, try to provide longer and comprehensive answers to the questions, as it would not only help you quickly generate content for your proposal, but also give you the opportunity to receive ample feedback as you work towards your final draft.
Provide a descriptive, concise, precise, accurate, appropriate, and interesting title of your program.
Who are the decision-makers (managers, executives, directors, clients, board members, etc.) who will act on your proposal, i.e. those who will approve it or reject it? What is their job responsibility? What is their professional experience? What is their attitude toward the subject of your proposal? What are their expectations?
Describe the problem your proposal seeks to solve. Explain how the problem is (1) specific rather than general, (2) real rather than theoretical, and (3) local rather than national or global.
Who are you? Explain how you or your organization are uniquely qualified to address this problem? Draw from Workshop 2.2.3 to provide as much detail as you can about you or your organization.
What data (researched) do you have at your disposal to document the problem's existence and severity? What are your sources of information? Any specific study done by a third party? Any study done by you or your organization?
Describe the short-term and/or long-term objectives of your proposal. Explain how your objectives are SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, relevant, and timely). Explain how the objectives address the problem.
Who are the direct and indirect beneficiaries of your proposal? How many are they? Where are they located? How old are they? What is their income? Etc. At what stage of the project's implementation will they be involved?
Explain the specific activities or tasks that will be implemented to meet the objectives set forth. Justify how those activities, tasks, or steps are the best way to reach the objectives. Will you be working alone? What members of your organization will be involved? Will there be any third-parties involved?
Describe in detail your timeline for implementing this project? What type of visual will you use to show this timeline?
What is the total cost of implementing your project? Consider every aspect of the project and be as detailed as possible.
How will you measure the effectiveness and impact of your project? Think in terms of your objectives? Who will do the measurement? When? What evaluation tool will be used? A survey? A study? Be specific.
How will the project be sustained? Consider tools and cost for sustainability. Do you have disaster recovery plans? Explain and be specific.