Instructor-built lms for writing instruction


Digital affordances now make it possible for instructors with no background in computer programming to develop their own LMS. Instructor-built LMS products may become one of the major future trends in higher education as some instructors increasingly feel limited in designing their courses entirely in their institution’s prescribed LMS and as institutions seek to expand their learning technology infrastructure to meet the requirements of contemporary learning environments. As much as this option proves to be effective, its implementation at higher education institutions is not without challenge. This paper describes the experience of creating and using an instructor-built LMS – Paamsongre Courseware – for teaching writing courses. It describes the LMS’ development process, depicts its features while explaining how an LMS can be tailored for writing instruction through the repurposing of traditional web-based applications, and discusses how it aligns with some of the CCCC OWI Principles while highlighting the benefits and challenges that arise from this endeavor.

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