Ethnography: Research & Writing

This online, interactive text introduces and develops understanding of the ethnographic research and writing processes. 

AUTHOR: Ritassida M. Djiguimde, PhD

This lesson defines ethnography among other research genres and explains how ethnographic research and writing is done. The lesson ends with the “selecting a subculture” assignment

This lesson introduces different types of secondary sources along with secondary research tools. The end-of-lesson assignment is a review of four secondary sources about the researched subculture.  

This lesson introduces observation as a primary research instrument. “A Day in the Subculture,” the lesson assignment, is a paper based on repeated observations of an ethnographic scene

This lesson introduces interviewing as a primary research instrument. The lesson assignment, “Talking to Insiders,” is a paper based on two unstructured interviews with insiders of the researched subculture. 

This lesson introduces the concept of artifact and discusses its importance in the fields of anthropology and ethnography. The lesson assignment is an analysis of a material or digital artifact that holds special meaning to insiders of the researched subculture.

This lesson introduces techniques for writing introductions and conclusions; for organizing the paper using different organization patterns; and for revising, editing, proofreading, and designing the term paper.The lesson assignment is an 8 to 12-page ethnographic paper, encompassing all the research and writing done in previous lessons. 

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Note from the author: This course management system/e-text is the product of many semesters teaching ethnographic research and developing course materials. Ethnography: Research and Writing incorporates course assignment sheets, sample student papers, homework assignments and in-class activities, course lectures, and submission slots for turning in your papers and homework and for getting feedback from the instructor. Every course-related activity happens on this portal.