UNIT 03 - system Evaluation

Website Traffic
Before and After
“The instructor is very good and plans out accordingly.
He provides us with the correct material and is very precise."
“The material he covered in class was very organized and
he would try to answer any questions we had.
He also tried to make the information interesting, and get us to
participate, so we weren't just sitting there, bored."
“He was well organized, he was prepared,
he was just a energetic teacher that had us all ready to learn.
He's a fun teacher and students these days prefer that
over a teacher who just stands in the front,
not interacting with the students.
That's boring and that is not what he is.”
“He is very clear and spends time on his
presentations and helps each student individually."
"Dr. Djiguimde worked hard on creating
a website that benefits his students.
The website works great! All of the
assignments for the year are there and most
work is due online so there is no excuse for not turning in work."
“The site that we utilized in this course is very effective at giving
us all the information that we needed to complete our
assignments, but I feel that there should be a check list function
that allows a user to check off assignments that
they've already completed. I know that there is a way to
accomplish this without the need of student logins,
but I'm unfamiliar with how webpages work under the surface."
Students' Evaluations
Multiclass Management
Variation of Course Activities
Benefits for the Instructor
Better Insight Into the Writing Process
Organic Development
You Never See the Full Picture, at First
Lessons Learned
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Unit 2 - Workshop

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