From the perspective of an international student, applying to American Universities is both a marathon and a sprint. A marathon in a sense that you need endurance and perseverance to go through the process and a sprint in a sense that you will have fast-approaching deadlines to meet.

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If you are considering pursuing your studies at an accredited American University, below are the basic steps to follow. 

1. Decide on what to major in and in which university

Deciding on a major is the first step in the process, as it determines your choice of university. This step can be complicated for applicants who are not aware of the choices available to them. The good news is that we are here to guide you decide on a major and find suitable universities that offer your chosen major.

2. Find ways to finance your studies

Financing your studies is often the most difficult aspect of studying in the United States. Note that without money, you won't be able to study in the US. Our coaches at Paamsongre can help you explore options to finance your studies. These include exploring available scholarships, grants, assistantships, and loans to fund your studies.

3. Complete and submit the application package

This step is the most time consuming of the process. After reading the admission conditions of the universities you have chosen, you will gather and submit all the requested documents. Paamsongre provides you with direct coaching on how to fill out application forms and write and submit various documents including CVs, Statements of Purpose, Letters of interest, writing samples, etc.

4. Apply for a student VISA

You need to have been admitted to a university as a pre-requisite for this step. Applying for a student VISA requires filling out application forms on your local US Embassy's website, paying VISA fees, submitting photographs, and preparing for the interview. Paamsongre Direct Coaching provides its clients with assistance in order to successfully go through this step.

5. Prepare for your departure

If you make it to this step, you can take a breath of fresh air and pat yourself on the back. However, this does not mean you are all set. Your immunizations needs to be up to date and you will need to do some shopping as you see it fit. You will also have explore housing options in the US. Paamsongre Direct Coaching assists successful applicants explore housing options at or near their future university.

6. Book your flight to US

To go to the United States, you will have, for the most part, to fly there. That requires booking a flight. For those who do not have extensive experience booking flights, this can be a tricky business. At Paamsongre Direct Coaching, we assist our clients book their flights at a reasonable cost.

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