Abstract Revision Suggestions

Criteria for Selecting a Fieldsite 

  •  Safe
  • Legal
  • Unfamiliar to the Student 
  • In a geographically defined space
  • In an accessible location 
  • Populated by Subjects at a time convenient to the student. Gatherings should conform to a schedule that should allow the student to fulfill all assignments on time
  • Inhabited by a clearly defined subculture 
  • Members recognize themselves as a group 
  • Based on subjects’ willingness to participate in the study
  • Limited to subjects 18 or older (unless you are able to obtain a signed parental consent for all minors) 
  • Interesting and exciting to study 

Potential Abstract Revision Questions

  • Have you narrowed the field/topic enough?
  • How will you gain access to the subculture? To the site? (Remember that easy access does not mean easy research)
  • What is your status in relation the this subculture (insider/outsider) and what complexities might that introduce? 
  • Are there any ethical or legal/safety concerns?
  • Do you have a genuine interest in the subculture?
  • Have you developed real (researchable) questions to explore?
  • Are you in it to win it? That is, is this subculture and fieldsite going to intellectually engage you for the next three to four months?

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